Awash in Win

I very nearly Zumbaed myself into an early grave on Tuesday. My reward for rushing to get to class after being held up by a last-minute work thing, of giving it my all in a hot, crowded room full of girls mostly half my age, of toughing it out and only taking water breaks when … More Awash in Win

Mission Grocery Store

There once was a day, not very long ago, when I achieved something so improbable, I sometimes wonder if it really happened or if it was only a dream: I successfully procured a week’s worth of groceries while somehow adhering to the mission’s seemingly impossible time and budgetary constraints of 45 minutes and $100. I … More Mission Grocery Store

Honorable Mention for Being Almost Amazing

The other day at work, I almost did something amazing. I was in the middle of a series of tedious, onerous spreadsheet manipulations, the sort of thing I’ve tended to accept with a smile as part and parcel of the job. Detail-oriented, repetitive, thankless tasks…that’s just kind of always been my wheelhouse. It’s a weakness … More Honorable Mention for Being Almost Amazing

The Oscar for Pantry Organization Goes To…

Gather round, children, and let me tell you about the day I achieved a feat astonishing in both its level of difficulty and its utter meaninglessness: I contact papered the shelves in the kitchen pantry. With a clever tromp l’oeil plain white contact paper that looks pretty much exactly like uncontact-papered shelves. Because apparently even … More The Oscar for Pantry Organization Goes To…

Winning at Life

After a few decades of unblemished health, in recent years, I have become a copperhead-bitten, emergency-appendectomied, metal-hipped, celiac-diseased, breast cancer survivor. I’ve been hospitalized five times in the last seven years due to four different, unrelated ailments. You might say that bad luck and I are more than just passing acquaintances. Still, every once in … More Winning at Life