A True Olympian

If you’re a careful reader, you might pick up on the fact that some of the life wins I’ve written about here are a little…mundane. It may seem that I set a low bar of achievement for myself, that I pat myself too hard on the back for accomplishments that are too minor. My life … More A True Olympian

I am a Cereal Winner

Growing up, my parents tried to get us to eat fairly healthily. Most forms of junk food were allowed only in moderation—on holidays or when purchased with our own personal money. I invested my entire childhood allowance on candy and doughnuts. Not necessarily a wise fiscal strategy, but at the time, I thought the return … More I am a Cereal Winner

The Good Patient

For the tenth time in as many months, a medical professional has deemed me a Good Patient. I’ve earned this title of honor–first and foremost–by having an unusual number of health problems for a person of my age. The typos in my genetic code, coupled with my accident-proneness and plain old-fashioned bad luck, make me … More The Good Patient