Finding That Which Was Deemed Forever Lost

Have you ever lost something that’s precious to you, and after failed searches, become convinced that the item was stolen and that the world is full of assholes who can’t be trusted, except that later on, you find it after all, and then you feel a mixture of relief at being reunited with your lost object and remorse as you realize: It was me all along. I turned out to be the asshole who couldn’t be trusted in this scenario?

sunset kangaroo

That was me yesterday. I rearranged a big comfy chair-and-a-half in the living room that hasn’t been moved since 2011. For that reason, I was a little afraid of what would be revealed when I moved it. It sits catty-cornered in the room, and we use the little triangle of space behind it to store extra blankets. When I moved this big, heavy chair, I was pleasantly surprised by three things.

  1. We have more blankets than I ever imagined. In fact, I think the number and variety of covers held within the walls of our two-bedroom condo may make us eligible for some kind of award for highest blanket-to-square-foot ratio in the tri-state area. Should the need ever arise, we have the raw materials on hand to build an epic blanket fort that would surely cover all 890 square feet of this place. That in itself goes squarely into the Win column.
  2. There was hardly any dust or cat hair back there. We slay bigger dust bunnies under my desk on a biweekly basis than the puny little tuft that I found in this triangle of unexplored, long-unvacuumed territory. I can only theorize that it all got absorbed by the giant pile of blankets. Okay, so that blanket fort might end up being a sneezy place, but I am confident that it will still protect us from lightning and monsters and the zombie apocalypse.
  3. THIS came rolling out from under the far left corner of the chair:

creature cup

My woodland creatures water cup that has been missing for months!

The one I was convinced I had left behind in Zumba class and then, when it never showed up in the gym’s lost and found, the one I was certain some student had claimed as her own due to its off-the-charts adorableness and to her sense of entitlement and flagrant disregard for the laws of possession and of human decency.

Clearly, none of that was true. Our students are kind, noble, woodland-creature-cup-less people, and I am the jaded, paranoid, disorganized, terrible person in this particular situation.

What can I say, sooner or later, we all have our moments of terribleness.

the worst

Still, my woodland creatures cup is back in my greedy paws where it belongs, supplying me with my Win of the Week as well as two solid life lessons:

  1. Never give up hope, because sometimes the things you thought were lost forever are closer to you than you realize.
  2. You cannot imagine the strange and wonderful things that are waiting to be revealed to you the next time you move a major piece of furniture.

grasping goat

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