How to Work It While Not Actually Working

We recently returned from a lovely trip out West to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and their beautiful new daughter. It was great, but the down side of every vacation is having to go back to work and get caught up on all the stuff that accumulated while you were out. The first day or two are basically you sweating and toiling to put out fire after fire just to get back to business as usual.

putting out fires

In hindsight, taking time off in May, when everyone’s doing their the end-of-academic-year reporting and in need of data, may not have been my best idea.

But on the other hand, I have to admire my wisdom in scheduling my week off to go from a Wednesday through Thursday rather than a Monday through Friday, and to be right before the Memorial Day holiday to boot. What this little bit of scheduling wizardry means is that I’ll have three shortened work weeks in a row while only burning up one week of annual leave.

Y’all might need to grab your shades, because sometimes my brilliance can be downright blinding.


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