A Thanksgiving Wish

I know everyone keeps saying 2016 was awful, full of losses, and I really can’t argue with that. But Thanksgiving is coming up and with it, a reminder that even in the midst of mourning the things we’ve lost, we can still be thankful for the things that remain, and that feeling of gratitude can bring some peace and comfort.

grasping goat

And if reflecting on your life’s many blessings doesn’t bring you comfort, surely the mac and cheese and the pumpkin pie will.

My wish for all of you this Thanksgiving is that you take some time to appreciate your family in all its glorious wackiness, to recognize your commonalities and celebrate your differences, to treat each other with compassion, and to remember that none of us is going to be around forever. No matter how much time you get on this planet with your family, in the end, it won’t be enough, so try to savor each other’s company at least as much as you savor the mashed potatoes and gravy.


Safe travels if you’re roaming, and safe house-cleaning if you’re hosting (remember, don’t mix bleach and ammonia, don’t stand on any rickety chairs to dust, and never, ever let anyone turn on a vacuum cleaner while you’re holding a cat).

Come Thursday, may your belly be stuffed with stuffing, your heart with gratitude, and your dining room with loved ones, laughter, and not one single, solitary political argument.


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