W.A.N.A. Collages

I spent much of 2017 blissfully engrossed in a writing project, code named/acronymed WANA. Below are the first 15 of the 60 or so collages I made while writing the manuscript.

I hope they make you smile.

1Reading Bear1. Cara’s goal in life
3Parents in Hammock.jpg2. Parents lounging in the hammock
2Knowledge Miner3. A Knowledge Mine worker
4GenaHeadsOutRevised4. Cara en route to her Induction
5Scholars at the Lair5. Scholars at the Den of Education
6Bluefooted Boobies6. The blue-footed boobies
7Clowder of Alphas7. The Life Path Review Clowder
12GenaCyclingRevised8. Cara on an EnerCycle
61Dr Nyquil book doctor9. Dr. Nyquil, medic during the Wars of Predation
9Gena research add prism10. Cara doing linguistic research
10Gena and Maven11. Cara runs a word through the Maven 3000
11Library for Rich12. Library for the rich
13Basketball Ruth13. Ruth plays basketball
14GenamarshmallowClaws14. Cara practices her game
15ScratchfordGarden15. Scratchford’s Heroes’ Garden

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