I am a Cereal Winner

Growing up, my parents tried to get us to eat fairly healthily. Most forms of junk food were allowed only in moderation—on holidays or when purchased with our own personal money. I invested my entire childhood allowance on candy and doughnuts. Not necessarily a wise fiscal strategy, but at the time, I thought the return … More I am a Cereal Winner

Awash in Win

I very nearly Zumbaed myself into an early grave on Tuesday. My reward for rushing to get to class after being held up by a last-minute work thing, of giving it my all in a hot, crowded room full of girls mostly half my age, of toughing it out and only taking water breaks when … More Awash in Win

Mission Grocery Store

There once was a day, not very long ago, when I achieved something so improbable, I sometimes wonder if it really happened or if it was only a dream: I successfully procured a week’s worth of groceries while somehow adhering to the mission’s seemingly impossible time and budgetary constraints of 45 minutes and $100. I … More Mission Grocery Store

The Oscar for Pantry Organization Goes To…

Gather round, children, and let me tell you about the day I achieved a feat astonishing in both its level of difficulty and its utter meaninglessness: I contact papered the shelves in the kitchen pantry. With a clever tromp l’oeil plain white contact paper that looks pretty much exactly like uncontact-papered shelves. Because apparently even … More The Oscar for Pantry Organization Goes To…