Some Things About Me

I’m a writer, collage artist, Pitch Wars alum, Write Team Mentorship Program mentor, Master of Liberal Arts, and member of SCBWI. I’m repped by the amazing Melissa Nasson of Rubin Pfeffer Content. My grandmother, short story author M.J. Amft, gave me creative writing lessons back when I was middle-grade-aged, and I still read her letters when I need a jolt of encouragement and inspiration.

Born in Chicago but raised in and around Myrtle Beach, the question of whether or not I’m a real Southerner remains controversial. But I still live in South Carolina with my husband and our trio of accumulated cats. I’ve survived some strange and terrible things, including (but not limited to): cancer, celiac disease, osteopenia, a hip replacement, a copperhead bite, and 2020. By day, I work as director of institutional research at a university, crunching numbers and analyzing data to help faculty, staff, and administrators improve student learning.

My middle-grade novels (currently at work on number four) are standalone stories set in a similar universe (the Myrtleverse, as one of my critique partners calls it). Some things that always seem to work their way into my writing are creative kids, non-human characters, unlikely friendships, and puns (sorry not sorry).

Want to know more? Read my Pitch Wars Success Story interview with my mentors and literary agent.

Read my Pitch Wars Team interview with my mentors Rajani LaRocca and Remy Lai.

See my Pitch Wars showcase entry.

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