Art Inspired by My Writing

I’ve got many visual artists in my family, including both my parents. My mom, Sally Amft Gerke, is a retired primary school art teacher, and she’s been making beautiful images of the characters in my MG novel (currently titled SERENITY AND THE SOUL IN THE WALL).

This is my book’s main character Serenity (AKA Ren), her sister Sofia, their cat Sir Fuzzybutt, and a glimpse of Mister, the soul of their grandmother’s seaside motel.
My main character’s father is an expert yoga instructor. Here he is in bird of paradise pose during his sunrise beach yoga practice.

Here’s my main character’s mother, reorganizing Nana’s chaotic kitchen in a frenzy.

This is Minnie, the soul of a local all-u-can eat seafood buffet, who enjoys surfing.

And Footlong, the pun-loving soul of the local hot dog stand.

Book Aesthetics

I’ve put together a couple aesthetics for SERENITY AND THE SOUL IN THE WALL, and I may be updating these as I get more amazing art from my mom.

Inspiration for the Sea Mystic Motel, the spirit living in its walls, called Mister, and some stuff that happens in the book.
Some supernatural, super-Myrtle-Beachy characters from my book. Footlong, Tempest, Mister, Minnie, and Rank, president of the Building Spirits Association.