The Unsalted Life

Ah, summertime at the beach. The stuff of fantasy for the landlocked, the city-imprisoned, the office-bound. What’s not to love about the beach? That first step onto the dry sand with your bare feet is like walking on warm, fluffy bunny fur. Wait, that sounds cruel. This is like fur that belongs to a gigantic … More The Unsalted Life

A Birthday Wish

I had a birthday this week, and it was lovely and full of sweetness despite falling right in the wake of Sunday’s horrifying massacre. The thing is, after you reach a certain age, death always seems to show up for your birthday. It’s not like you invite the Grim Reaper to the party, but you … More A Birthday Wish

Snacking Superstar

Amidst the many conflicting, confusing studies about nutrition and about what we should and shouldn’t be eating, I’ve come across a helpful hack for making better food choices. Ideally, of course, you’re eating nothing but whole foods, cornucopias of fruits and vegetables and legumes with an occasional nut or lean meat thrown in and, when … More Snacking Superstar

Driven to Succeed

I don’t think of myself as particularly brave, but there is one exception. Just about every day, I put aside my fears, strap myself into a two-ton metal cage, unflinchingly stare death in the eye, and hurdle myself at inhuman speeds down the road, putting my life and well-being at the mercy of the reflexes, … More Driven to Succeed

A Call to Guitars

All of you musically talented people out there, listen up. This is not a joke and not a drill. Things are getting serious now. I know that your fingers might be sore and calloused from all that strumming, your vocal chords might be raw from singing, and that your heart may be heavy with discouragement … More A Call to Guitars

Solving Spring

Ah, spring in South Carolina–a time of sunshine and flowers, birdsong and bunny rabbits, pastel colors and jelly beans, the time of year you spend many a cold, gray dismal winter day dreaming about. Everyone loves spring,* and who can blame us? But there’s something that’s always bothered me about the promise versus the reality … More Solving Spring