A Thanksgiving Wish

I know everyone keeps saying 2016 was awful, full of losses, and I really can’t argue with that. But Thanksgiving is coming up and with it, a reminder that even in the midst of mourning the things we’ve lost, we can still be thankful for the things that remain, and that feeling of gratitude can … More A Thanksgiving Wish

Losing my Mind

By the time I reached 17 years of age, I knew everything. If you don’t believe me, you should build a time machine, go back to 1990, quiz me, and prepare to be amazed. The things knew back then include (but aren’t limited to): all the state capitals the trigonometric functions how to diagram sentences … More Losing my Mind

Mama Told Me

My mama used to tell me that life isn’t fair and life isn’t easy, and in all my years, I have yet to gather a scrap of evidence to disprove her. But even her wise words couldn’t have prepared me for the extreme difficulty of the task I was faced with a couple weeks ago. … More Mama Told Me

Diva of Dusting

Today, I dusted all the ceiling fans, the baseboards, got the cobwebs out of the corners, even dusted the tippy tops of the door frames. Just kidding. What I really did was make this collage. You really shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.