Awash in Win

I very nearly Zumbaed myself into an early grave on Tuesday. My reward for rushing to get to class after being held up by a last-minute work thing, of giving it my all in a hot, crowded room full of girls mostly half my age, of toughing it out and only taking water breaks when Ms. Zero Bodyfat Instructor took them instead of every time I thought to myself, I am dying, was forty-eight or so hours of heat-induced headache, nausea, and faintness.

But if I’ve learned nothing else from Florence + the Machine (and from whatever poor, uncredited schmuck first observed this truth but never profited from it), it’s that it is always darkest before the dawn.

For today, there was homemade gluten- free peach cobbler.


Also today, I wore these shoes to work–shoes which I discovered months ago and knew I had to have but which were sold out in my size up until last week, which some Modcloth employee probably had to barter her soul to Satan to get restocked. Thank you, nameless, recently-soulless friend. I don’t know how you feel at this moment, but from my perspective it was totally worth it.

bunny shoes

You can see that even El Noche the cat admires them. And he is pretty hard to impress.

As if that wasn’t enough win for one person, this skirt that my sweet husband bought me–for no reason other than because he saw me absolutely lose my mind when I discovered it online–arrived in the mail today.

cat skirt

AND it’s Friday. I honestly don’t know who I think I am with all this winning, but I’m afraid that y’all are just going to have to deal with the fact that I’m a spoiled brat who’s wallowing in win.

As the kids are wont to say, sorrynotsorry.


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